Travel kms by car

I’ve been doing a bit of driving around recently and I’ve decided that it fairly easy to travel in style. (Not in fashion, but in style.) It’s the little things that make the difference. Here are my recommendations:
Edibles: sweet (lollies or chocolate or biscuits or power bar) + savoury (chips or cheese). Nothing with a wrapper if possible and preferably no flaky pastry. If travelling a fair way from the burbs take a packed lunch.
Drinks: water (unflavoured so it can double duty to remove particularly sticky windscreen bugs) + other (I prefer coke for the screwtop and caffeine but have been know to substitute V or a flavoured milk. (Watch out for milk in the heat though – bleuch!) For the back of beyond I recommend a thermos of tea or coffee, premade to your specification.
Tissues + babywipes + toilet paper. You may not need them but best to be prepared ay?
Apart from making sure your vehicle is roadworthy, gassed and oiled up, and the windows are clean, and your mobile is fully charged, that’s it! Depending on the weather and where you’re going you can also add: music, blankets or cotton throws, sunscreen, driving shoes, hairties, membership in a roadside assistance scheme, etc.

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