Ongoing to the gym – 101

I've been to the gym 101 times. (Actually, it's 102 now but when I started this it was 101 and I'm not going to ruin a perfectly good title just to be accurate.) I think I've been pretty consistent although the visits are heavily weighted towards when I first joined the gym. Back then, my aim was to go 6 days a week for a total of 9 classes. I got pretty tired though, then I got sick (every 6-8 weeks which was annoying), then I went away, so the number of visits per week has dropped right back. It will probably go back up once I've stopped flitting around the country. (It's the festive season innit? Visiting whanau and all that.)

My goals when I started were 1. Get stronger; 2. Improve stamina and fitness. So, yay me! *tick* *tick* I am stronger – the fact that the weight on the bar is going up is a good indication. I have improved my fitness and stamina – instead of just going through the motions I can actually put a bit of effort in. e.g. twisting with a punch in Body Combat doesn't make me want to hack my lungs up anymore. (Exercise induced asthma is a funny thing. I'm never quite sure if my breathlessness is due to going too hard, being unfit, or asthma. I'm using a preventer now and it's made a big difference as to what I can do in the mornings (in combination with the reliever.) Previously I would never have been able to do something with a high cardiovascular load.) I can also hold the technical aspects of Combat through to the end of (most) tracks. It's not just flicking a foot out at someone's head you know.)

The thing I'm finding most difficult (apart from getting my washing dry) is holding to my values.

  • I'm not at the gym to lose weight. I like being this weight. There's some comfort in knowing that I can walk around any corner in Wellington and not be blown off my feet. But oh god it's HARD when I look at the scales at the fitness test and the numbers have gone UP.
  • I'm not in competition with anyone. But it's HARD not to get mopey when I know there are couch potatoes who could walk in and be fitter than me because of their genes.
  • I'm not out to get thinner. If I do, it'll be a welcome side-effect of what I'm doing. But it's HARD to look in the mirror and wonder if it's making any difference. Which it is because clothes fit differently. (One advantage of being different sizes over the years and keeping all the clothes is that old clothes are suddenly useful again.)
  • I'm not at the gym for my "health". (*rant redacted*)
  • I AM at the gym to enjoy myself. I love the technicality in weights, Balance, and Combat. I love the camaraderie in the early morning classes. I love grinning with the instructors. I love picking up the next barbell. I love feeling tight muscles release on an exhaled breath.
  • I AM at the gym to push myself. And to be pushed by the instructors. It's amazing how much more attractive extending one's reach is when the instructor's face is 5cm from the end of one's fist. #LoveThemReally

One thought on “Ongoing to the gym – 101

  1. Rachel Fisher says:

    Go Kris!!! šŸ™‚

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