Ongoing to the gym

I've recently joined a gym. Actually, my sister left town and practically forced me to take her gym membership. (When I say 'forced' she said "Do you want to take the membership?" and I said "Yes.". But she gave me a very hard stare while she was asking.) It feels a bit weird to be honest. Training has slipped back into my timetable with hardly a ripple of discontent. So far the main features are Laundry, Hunger, Energy. Luckily DOMS has not made much of an appearance. (Either I've balanced the introduction of new classes really well, or I'm just not going hard enough.) I'm really enjoying the classes that I'm going to – both the choreography and the instructors' style. I'm not looking for any major physical changes, just enjoying the honeymoon phase. Will I become a tedious gym bore? I'm sure someone will let me know.


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