Two things for tweeps

Stated bias: I use the Twitter web and mobile interfaces so anything I say will be based on that.

1. So you're going to the New Zealand International Film Festival? Excellent. I will be eavesdropping on your excited tweets about how cool that film was or how this film made history come alive for you. Please make it easy for me and use the hashtag #nzff rather than @nzff. That way I can easily call up all the tweets about the festival. The other way means that I have to follow the conversation to find out what you're saying. I first noticed this trickiness during the New Zealand International Arts Festival. It's possible to find out what people are tweeting by searching the twitter handle then selecting 'all' but it's much easier to just click on the hashtag.

2. Have you noticed what's going on with verified accounts? I can look at their stream with all the @'s stripped out (sometimes that's all it is…) OR look at the stream with the @'s in. Useful.?? Here, have a look at Cory Jane's account. Just because.


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