Back on June 8, my sister and I were exploring the underground world of Wellington. We’d started in the Old Bank building and were planning to walk to the railway station. (I had a vague idea this was possible. It isn’t.) Also with us was her 6month old in a stroller. This caused several interesting situations. Firstly, the best place to see the clock is from the second floor outside the mall office. As far as we could tell, the lift didn’t go to that floor. So we hauled the stroller up the stairs and then back down again after the clock had done it’s thing. Then we thought we’d walk to the floor below. The only way down stair-wise was an escalator which the stroller didn’t fit on to. Luckily the lift did go down. We went to have a look at the remains of the ark. It was a tight fit to push the stroller around the escalator. Single file only. Next we went across the road to the food court. Technically we could have gone underground but the stroller didn’t fit. The only way to get back underground (that we could see) was to haul the stroller back down the stairs. We managed to have quite a good explore of the space although we were often stymied by places-where-the-stroller-didn’t-fit. We then crossed back into another building…but by this time I had completely lost my bearings. Now it was pretty much plain walking as we crossed from one building into another, using the lifts to get from floor to floor.

Such a simple exercise yet interesting exercise to go through.


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