Monday diary aka. what do I do all day?

8am.?? I'm at Cafe Neo for #WellyLibBfast (fortnightly breakfast meeting with library colleagues). It's informal so I'm never quite sure who will be there. Today there is one other person. We talk about balancing changing service delivery with community expectations; collaboration across sectors; and promotional material. She gets some ideas about how to advance a piece of work so we finish early. I'm waiting for my bus when I notice that a usual attendee (Hana!) is coming in late.

9am. Back at the cafe. Another pot of tea. Usual attendee and new baby arrive. We talk about the slow relationship build effect of #WellyLibBfast; Baby F; balancing changing service delivery with community expectations; political process. She drives me back to work. I open the library – lights, computers, answer the phone (to a hangup), talk to a student about renewing their items. I've just started on my "This is what's in this library" spiel when my colleague arrives. We talk about Baby F. Several people make "Oh. It's a baby!" faces through the glass walls.

10am. Meeting time. Hana and Baby F retire to the magazine room while representatives of the three entities that share this side of the building talk about what's coming up this week. We get an update on a colleague's recovery after what could have been a serious accident. We are relieved she is not seriously injured. (FYI – there are two danger periods for a head injury – 24-48 hours after the incident, and 7-10 days after the incident. Also – if you turn a light on, make sure it is actually on before you try to walk anywhere because things may not be where you thought you left them.) After the meeting I walk Hana to her car. We talk about reticence and engagement.

11am. Traditionally the time for coffee. (It's a little bit of luxury in my day – my colleague walks up to the staff kitchen to make coffee.) I add new orders to the LMS. Then I start to reconcile the library credit cards. This involves finding the invoice, matching it with the line on the credit card statement, finding the price in NZ$, adding the details to the catalogue record. It can be quite time consuming. One of the tutors comes into the office and starts talking to my colleague. I get distracted by emails and start a read/cull process. I add meetings to the calendar. This turns into searching and ordering items for the collection. Tell myself firmly not to get distracted.

12pm. I drink my coffee. I am back to the emails, reading/culling. Another tutor comes into the office to meet with my colleague. Before their meeting starts we chat about some books he wants to donate on behalf of a friend. I give him the standard answer "We'll have a look if they're in good condition. If we don't want them we'll give them away." I talk to a student through the office window. I go into the library and check things in. Several students come in. I check items out to them. I notice that I need to renew some items for a student. I do that.

1pm. Something hinky has happened with the system. The renewal has somehow duplicated the record against a barcode. Or something. We're not sure. We spend 15 mins trying to work it out and devising ways to deal with the problem. In the end I email the student to ask if they could return the items so we can fix it. We spend another 10 mins watching a presentation from some of the students on YouTube using medieval theatre principles. It features the phrase "Hey bro. That's racist. Don't be racist. Not. Cool." and is hilarious. And informative. One of the actors comes into the library and hears us laughing. She tells us the rationale behind their filmed response. I am reconciling the credit cards.

2pm. Lunchtime. I have a twitter DM conversation about Game of Throne; start writing this blog post; eat lunch.

3pm. Lunch is over. I am back to reconciling the credit cards. Another colleague brings me a cup of tea.

4pm. A pause for 15 mins to discuss working hours and tasks with a colleague. Back to reconciling the credit cards.

5pm. Pause for an apple, Twitter, and looking out the window towards Tangi Te Keo. Back to reconciling the credit cards. Check out some books for a student. Back to reconciling the credit cards. Worried that colleague has disappeared and I won't get a break before I work late. She's back! I have 10 mins. Race upstairs for a cup of tea.

6pm. Use a fork to eat a packet of Rashuns for dinner. Read the online papers, and check Twitter and Facebook. Check out some books for a student. Check in some books and DVDs. Back to reconciling the credit cards. While waiting for invoices to print out I watch players from the orchestra arrive for rehearsal. Discover I have made a serious tactical error in ordering items from overseas in NZ dollars. No exchange rate = no idea what the individual items actually cost. Curses.

7pm. I am the only person in the library. Still despondent over the credit card blunder. Check out the Tony Awards in case there is anything I should buy for the library. Back to reconciling the credit cards.

8pm. I hear the computers shut down, and the door lock. Time to stop reconciling the credit cards and go home. Tomorrow I should really tidy my desk.


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