It’s Monday!

So a couple of weeks ago I was talking to this guy. He'd been to L.A. during the NZ summer – taking acting classes, watching the Superbowl, doing a bit of film work etc. His enthusiasm for what he had done, what he had learned, and what he was going to do, was palpable. But it was something he mentioned in passing that resonated with me.

'People in L.A. don't have weekends', he said.

People in L.A. don't have weekends.

On the face of it – what a nightmare! Working seven days a week. No downtime. Only uptime. Go, go, go, go, go!

As usual for me, once I actually stopped to think about it, I found a different spin. Something that I can apply to my own situation.

Every day is a weekend. Every day is an opportunity for me. Every day is an opportunity to achieve something.

A couple of weeks ago I guarded my weekends jealously. No going out on weekends. Not even with friends. The weekend was there for ME. It was there to stay home. Weeknights were the nights to go out since I was already out of the house.

Well, I can see what a flawed idea it is…now.

So, bollocks to the notion of 'school nights' and weekends, and hooray for reframing my life so I can live the entire week.


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