My 7 dirty little reading secrets

1. Jane Austen does not thrill me.
2. I don't use bookmarks.
3. I love books marketed for young adults.
4. If a book takes me more than two days to read it is too fucking long.
5. I regularly reread titles.
6. I eat (cereal, soup, eggs on toast, fried rice, nachos etc) and drink (coffee, tea, juice, water, wine) while I'm reading.
7. I read popular titles just to say I have but I don't pay any attention to the book while I'm doing it.

Inspired by Tosca who was inspired by Rebecca.

3 thoughts on “My 7 dirty little reading secrets

  1. librarykris says:

    And I read the end before I get to it.

  2. staplegun says:

    Pretty shocking stuff. I only have one reading secret – I’m an accredited librarian, but haven’t read a novel since I was last forced to at age 16.

  3. librarykris says:

    *heh* I used to work with someone who didn’t read books. She chatted with customers and took note of reviews instead. I envied her ability to match people with books.The factual stuff is narratively good too!

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