Fabric of society


"Folk tales were a great device for teaching and entertainment.
Storytelling defined a culture and gave a sense of what was important to people at a certain point in time.
This project aims to reinvigorate that past-time by giving the opportunity to participate in a safe and anonymous way.

This is a nifty little "social art project" that invites you to contribute a story and have it woven into the fabric of the quilt. It made me think of Post Secret. I hope it gets more contributions.

It's the seed of a bigger thing that the person behind it wants to potentially transfer into an ongoing collaborative project. He told me "As for the stories themselves, they will be in the public domain and no-one will have ownership over them as they are totally anonymous and offered in good faith. It is intended to be a great resource for current and future generations and always free and open. I have no plans for the future use of the stories, other than putting them on the web and out there for the world to see."


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