NZ On Screen
NZ On Screen have a container down at the Wellington waterfront as part of the REAL NZ Festival. It's a container and it's dark, so it's a bit like being on a boat in that it's not very stable. Make sure you walk in from the Circa side of the container (otherwise you'll get told off) so you can read a little bit about what NZ On Screen does. The main showcase is operated by waving your hand around then pushing it at the screen to 'select' the clip you want to watch. Selected showcase clips are organised into categories so it's not overwhelming. (N.B. The categories don't seem to match up with the collections on the website.?? I was only able to be in the container for about 15 mins so I might be wrong about that.) There's also a screen showing short films plus an interactive Scene Stealer.
I love that NZ On Screen (the website) also has interviews with people involved in screen. There are some well known people and some just starting their career. It's not just that the clips are available in one place, it's that the website has information relating to the clips as well. (For example – I think this is the first NZ short film I watched.)
It's a great website – easy to lose a few hours on.


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