Costume Showcase 2011

This is a shot of half the Plaza in Te Whaea after the first Costume Showcase show 2011. There are only two shows,  and they are both on the same night. The Costume Showcase includes costumes from other shows that Toi has put on; displays of work from designers and other costumiers; a dance piece (with costumes made by the costumiers.) The pink dress on the stand is from last year. In the photo you can see white dresses made by costumiers in their first year of study. If you look really closely you might also see:

  • (top right) A wood elf (spotlight, you can see his top half)
  • Normal 0 false false false EN-NZ X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 (middle right) The queen’s guard (in the dark, you can see his red jacket and voluminous trousers)
  • (by the pink dress) La Snobinarde (pink cabaret style dress)
  • (in line with the queen’s guard and the pink dress in the middle) Catrina – dia de los Muertos (in white with what look like splotches on her dress but are actually beautiful flowers)

These are the show pieces from costumiers in their final year of study. They have to pick an illustration and then make the costume. This means thinking about it in 3D, thinking about how it would move and sit on the body, creating the pattern, sewing, embellishing, making props, then finally directing the model for the showing. Knowing that they essentially start with a blank canvas makes the costumes they create all the more impressive.


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