Watching the net

I’ve seen these things over the last couple days –

Happy birthday @robyngallagher who turns 15 this month. At least, her website does. To help the rest of us get to that milestone she’s shared “some tips on how to make a blog for your personal writing that won’t drive you crazy or leave you consumed by a sense of failure and self-loathing.” The rest of her writing is pretty fuckin’ good too. e.g. Napier 5, Key learnings from watching every Madonna video, Tokyo 5 (rev.ed.) and that’s as far as I got before I thought I should stop otherwise I’d be linking pretty much everything.

Ten strategic communication lessons from the Alasdair Thompson fiasco to help out anyone who may be in that position in the future. Plus if you want to know how that day went for him, Moata has the low down on that.

In the Listener Toby Manhire has a run down of online reaction to the Government announcement about what will happen to some homes in Christchurch.

In ‘NZ’s official languages’ news – you can get kai moana from the recently opened Tokoroa Countdown and check how to say ‘yummy’ using sign language on the new online dictionary of sign language. Tumeke!

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