Late to the party #almighty

Tonight I’ve been watching the first four episodes of The Almighty Johnsons. It’s about 4 brothers (and their grandfather) who are the human vessels for some of the Norse gods. Their powers are diminished from what they used to be. This could all change if the youngest (hosting Odin) can complete a quest to find the human hosting Frigg. The brothers (and the grandfather) could become fully gods. There’s always a catch to any quest and the catch in this case is that if he doesn’t find Frigg before he dies then all the brothers (and the grandfather) die with him. There are goddesses trying to find Frigg too although I’m not entirely sure why, apart from the fact that gods and goddesses oppose each other.
The programme aired in NZ from February which is about the time I moved into a place without a TV aerial. I’m pleased that I can buy it on DVD so soon after it’s aired so a big “well done” to the individuals that made that happen.
I’m enjoying it and laughing out loud several times in each episode. I think the actors are doing a great job at working the ensemble scenes. The programme has been renewed for a second season…I just hope the rest of this season is as fun as the first four episodes.


One thought on “Late to the party #almighty

  1. zora_aisling says:

    Hey I wanted to watch that but there was something else on or I kept forgetting. Any chance of pinching the dvds when you’re done? Have you had a look at Sanctuary? I really like it, though there’s something about it that means I can’t sit and watch more than two episodes in a row. I think it’s a bit serious for me!

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