The other one about the #rugby

The other #rugby event is coming to NZ later this year. It’s the #RWC2011. There are lots of opinions on this event but I’m choosing to look at it in a postive way.

1. I’m on the other side of town so probably won’t be bothered by #rugbydickheads* (downside – I won’t get to see the parades either)
2. I don’t have TV reception so I won’t have to watch the ads (downside: I won’t be able to watch the games either *sob*)
3. there are bound to be lots of cultural and arts events on at the same time. (downside: I won’t have enough money to go to them all.) 

Remember – you have the choice too.

@kateprior tweeted a link to this TEDxYYC talk by Ben Cameron “The true power of the performing arts.” I’m including it here because I like what he says at 11.45 (ish.)

“The arts, whatever they do, whenever they call us together, invite us to look at our fellow human beings with generosity, and curiosity.”

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*For the record I don’t think that #rugbylover = dickhead. But there are people out there who will use it as an excuse to get wasted and cause havoc. Shame on their eyes and ears.

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