The one about the #rugby

Tomorrow night (at least I hope it’s tomorrow night) I’ll be going to see C’mon Black – a play by Roger Hall about #rugby. I’m sure it’s not actually about #rugby – it’s probably about mates, national identity, travelling outside one’s comfort zone etc. Therefore it seemed appropriate to post about that other #rugby event.

The Highlanders new green strip.

Here’s the old strip.


And the new one again

I almost thought we were being punked because the Highlanders website doesn’t have pictures of the new jersey and it still says “The colours of the emblem and jersey have direct links to the three provinces that make up the Highlanders franchise: gold for North Otago; blue for Otago; maroon for Southland” in the History section. Twitter tells me that they definitely ran out in green.

This blog has an interesting piece on why the jersey may have changed. From my objective place on the sidelines it makes sense. The local competition is different to the Super competition and therefore could have a different colour. If there are too many blue-jerseyed teams in the competition then why not be one of the first to change the strip? IF I was a die-hard fan I may feel ripped off, having spent so much on building up my collection of branded memorabilia etc etc but I’m not so it doesn’t matter.

Sometimes I think they should just all wear red.


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