Boomers behaving badly

The stage is set with a piano, a stool, a small tall table with flowers and a gorgeous velvet curtain as a back drop. Michael Nicholas Williams enters and sits at the piano. He plays and Jane Keller enters singing. The show is about the expereinces that she has had as a Baby Boomer – education, marriage, divorce, life as a single woman… Most of the story is told through song with monologues to connect them.
Almost-snow-leopard Jane Keller has a fabulous Broadway style voice which she pitches just right for the Circa Two space. She has an amazing ability to tell the story through her voice only – no contortions for this performer. Her rapport with the audience seems effortless. Even when she needed a couple of prompts on opening night it felt like it drew us in rather than pushing us away.
Apparently it”s a revised reprise of a show she did last year upstairs at the Saint James.  I didn’t see that one so I don’t know what’s changed but I can tell you that it’s funny, uplifting and you may need a hanky in a couple of places.

Boomers Behaving Badly at Circa
Performed by Jane Keller with Michael Nicholas Williams on piano.
On to Saturday 11th June 2011

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