The third show that I’ve seen put on by Long Cloud Youth Theatre. ‘Sheep’ is a series of seven short scenes that were originally workshopped by LCYT then given to playwright Arthur Meek to craft into a script. The scenes are linked together by various developments in the wool industry along with family connections. (The family connections include symbols and names as well as blood.)The most successful parts of the scenes for me were the bits where the actors could be a little quieter and not work so hard to be jolly. My favourite complete scene was set in Dresden where a couple of NZ soldiers encounter a German soldier. It’s played out in English and German and includes some difficult choreography. It was wonderfully acted by Freya Sadgrove, Luke Wilson and Nathan Mudge on the night I went. (There are two casts for this show, and they probably will have switched to the second-half cast by now.) It’s the final production for director Willem Wassenaar before he leaves for Berlin. I am sure he’s pleased with the results.
Special mention to the design for this production – stage, sound and lighting were excellent without being overwhelming.

Tip for parents: don’t call out your child’s name in the middle of a scene, especially if it’s a quieter section or they have, for example, just kissed someone. It’s not funny and you’ll look like a dick.

Sheep by Arthur Meek
Presented by Long Cloud Youth Theatre. Directed by Willem Wassenaar.
On to Saturday 11th June 2011

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