Death and the dreamlife of elephants

The story is driven by a quest given by a mysterious being to a young man living in Wellington. He has to find a particular elephant that used to be in his mother’s collection. After she died the collection was disposed of. Meanwhile on the other side of town a young woman gives an elephant to her grandmother…

This play reminded me of the July I spent watching the Tour de France at night and then working or going to festival films during the day. With a limited amount of sleep the whole world takes on a strange aspect. Nothing really fits and it seems that everything is possible. The play is random and surreal. In one section it’s scary as hell. I was never quite sure who was who or what was happening or how they got there…these sections were offset by interactions that I’m sure I’ve seen play out in real life.

Beautiful, clever staging. Excellent lighting design.


On to 4 June at Downstage.

Disclaimer: I’m stoked to be a Downstage Ambassador which means they give me tickets to their shows for Season One.


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