“The twelve pages of Witi’s words, without music, spare on their A4 white paper sheets, felt for a long time like a depopulated city, a ghost town.” writes Charlotte Yates in the programme notes. Being in the audience last night felt a bit like that too. I want to let all of you know who were not there (or at the Great Town Hall the night before) – YOU FELLAS MISSED OUT.
Award winning musicians interpret Ihimaera’s word in a variety of musical styles – electronica, hiphop, jazz, rock and others that I don’t know the name of. The second thing they all have in common* is that they are very very clever. There are tricky rhythm changes, vocally challenging (and amusing) interludes, haunting melodies and instruments.
It works like this – 1. Kirk Torrance narrates a bit about Ihimaera’s life while the technicians set up. 2. The musicians come on and play. Repeat. (The technicians worked incredibly fast to set up during the narration. Good work team!) Some of the text is dense and academic. Kirk does a good job of wrestling it under control.

It’s on again tonight. *hint hint*

8pm, Genesis Energy Theatre, in-the-city-formerly-known-as-Manukau

*obviously the first is Ihimaera’s words.

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