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Long Cloud Youth Theatre Dark Forces Season – starts tonight

Downstage Theatre are hosting the Long Cloud Youth Theatre Dark Forces Season. They have "two gothic tales of dangerous exhilaration"* for us this year – Daughters of Heaven which kicks off tonight and The Picture of Dorian Gray which opens tomorrow.

Daughters of Heaven is based on the Parker/Hulme murder of 1954. The story will be familar as it's from the film Heavenly Creatures – although I'll confess I haven't seen it. The Picture of Dorian Gray is based on the book by Oscar Wilde…I haven't read that either. (I'm not worried though since have a general idea of the stories – I like to go in not knowing a lot about the specifics of a show. I think it's more exciting that way.)

I went to the Downstage Facebook event for these two shows. Basically, you rock up and have your photo taken in the style of the posters for the show, then they doctor it so it looks like one of the posters. You can use it for your profile pic. My one makes me look like I'm a criminal so I'm not game enough to use it. :(???? There was a lot of energy from the Long Clouders swirling around the room. It had a slightly hysterical edge – not surprising since they are working 6 days a week to bring us these two plays. Willem Wassenaar (one of the directors) said that the theatre has been wanting to do both of these stories for a while. Unfortunately I didn't get to talk to anyone from DoH (that's what I get for arriving late). An overhead comment about Dorian Gray asserts that "He's a bit of a cunt". Should be fun then!?? The Downstage Theatre attitude is pretty cool too. They said that they like to give?? LCYT the opportunity to work in a professional theatre with a professional crew. (I reckon they probably spot some talent for their own shows too.)

So, two opening nights in a row – marvellous.

* !!!

Book at Downstage box office, phone 04 801 6946

Daughters of Heaven – 3 Feb ??? 12 Feb

Duration – 120 min including interval

Thu 3 Feb ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??8pm??
Sat 5 Feb ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??6.30pm??
Tue 8 Feb ???????????????????? 6.30pm??
Thu 10 Feb ???????????????? 8pm??
Sat 12 Feb ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? 2pm

The Picture of Dorian Gray – 4 Feb – 12 Feb

The Picture of Dorian Gray – 4 Feb – 12 Feb

Duration – 120 min including interval

Fri 4 Feb ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??8pm??
Mon 7 Feb ?? ?? ?? ???? 6.30pm??
Wed 9 Feb ?????????????? 6.30pm??
Fri 11 Feb ???????????????? 8pm??
Sat 12 Feb ?? ?? ???? 8pm

Full price:??$25
Concession/groups 6+:??$20
Double bill (see both Long Cloud shows): ??$40

Disclaimer: I'm SUPER LUCKY that for the Downstage Season One I'm one of their Ambassadors which means that I get review tickets to all the shows. Honestly – I would have been paying for them anyway but this generous gift certainly helps the budget.

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