I love July

There are two reasons I love July.

1.?? Le Tour.

2. New Zealand International Film Festival.

I love the contrast of these two things.?? Le Tour is skinny men riding cycles through beautiful sunny countryside during stormy NZ nights. The Film Fest is human emotion on a big screen in the dark during NZ days.??
I don't get a lot of sleep during July.
I thought that I had my Film schedule all worked out.?? Unfortunately I'd forgotten about a workshop so my 5-films-in-one-day plan will have to be revised.????It's now looking like I'll be doing a couple of days off work.?? Nothing quite like running from cinema to cinema to remind me I need to up the jogging quota in my daily walk!
What are you hoping to see?
My must-see this year is Sherlock Jr/One Week (pg 15 Auckland brochure.)?? I've never seen a film with live music or a Buster Keaton film.?? I'm seduced by this description "two films of intoxicating inventiveness and lunatic technical virtuosity".?? All the descriptions make the films sound interesting, even the ones I know I would hate.
See you there??in the dark!
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