Super successful #nzfest

I had a super #nzfest due to a combination of beautiful weather, cheap tickets, [some] free booze and amazing hospitality. (Special thanks to my sister and her boyfriend who put up with me.  I tried to be invisible…when I said “Thanks for having me” my sister said plaintively “You could have been around more.” #success…ithink)  The whole whanau was down in the middle weekend which was lots of fun.  I got to hang out with some very cool talented people who were interesting.  They kept mistaking me for my sister which was quite hilarious (maybe not for them. They’d come up to me with a big smile then have to recover when I’d say “I don’t think I am who you think I am…”)

Final round-up. Tweets in italics

The 4 Plinths Sculpture Project
Apollo 13 : Mission Control  (Twice.) BEST. SHOW. EVER. + Art Talk
The Arrival (Blog post The Arrival)
Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea 1920s styles updated for 2010. hilariously morbidly clever. go see it!
Breath of Wind  (Mentioned in post Taking a chance on music)
The Forty-part Motet: Janet Cardiff
Happy as Larry Crisp dance moves; wicked soundtrack + Art Talk (+ blog post Happy as bro, it’s Monday)
Stockhausen’s Helicopter String Quartet (Mentioned in blog post NZ International Festival of the Arts)
The Letter Writer Powerful, emotional story of migration and communication.
Mark Twain and Me in Maoriland  dark, strange fantasy-dreamlike, thought provoking show +Art Talk
Mary Stuart
Music in the Eye (Mentioned in blog post NZ International Festival of the Arts)
Peaks of Cloud : Keith Lewis and Michael Houstoun (Mentioned in blog post Taking a chance on music)
Revolt of the Mannequins (Mentioned in blog post NZ International Festival of the Arts)
Ruby Tuesday pretty good. take a chance on it. costs less than two glasses of wine. (at Bats Theatre; not part of the festival)
Tell Me More: Séraphine Pick (I never did find the gallery with her latest stuff.  Huh.)
Trans-form: the abstract art of Milan Mrkusich (Mentioned in post Taking a chance on music)
Ship Songs omfg. I enjoyed Ship Songs so much. bloody brilliant.
Vessels: Daniel Brown I liked artwork “vessels” at museum city&sea. tip:go after 5pm to avoid sound bleed thru from other exhibits.
Visual Music: David Downes: (Mentioned in post Taking a chance on music)
+ Art Talk: Don McGlashan and Art Talk: Sounds of Silence director Alvis Hermanis

I managed to catch part of the Circus Festival at Waitangi Park (didn’t quite make it to a show.) Oh, and Neil Gaiman…AND the Pompeii Exhibition. (Attached myself to a school group. They didn’t seem to mind and Te Papa gel was awfully interesting. *teehee*)

Now that I’ve had a few days to recover I’ll be posting my thoughts on some of the shows and the Festival itself.

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