The Arrival


Red Leap Theatre’s production of “The Arrival” is a wonder filled production with clever sets and energetic performances. There isn’t much of a script so the story is told through facial expressions and body language. All of the cast play more than one character. The migrant (character in the hat) is the one constant through the play. The other characters tell him their story – represented by the images on the passports that they show him.

I love the set in this show. Designed by John Verryt the main design morphs into a number of different locations. It opens and closes like a concertina while spinning around the stage. There are other smaller sets and props as well. One of the most effective of these is the hot air balloon sequence. It manipulates perspective – starting off as a replica balloon at full size then becoming a small balloon flying past tiny cities finished as the replica balloon at a normal sized city. There are many things to marvel at in this production.

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