Circus, Theatre and Dance combined – Deadly

Tonight I’m going to “Deadly” which ‘explores the balance of power that exists in every relationship.’ It sounds like a cool physical theatre thing and is part of the Wellington Circus Festival. Billed as “an award winning portrayal of a relationship of a man, a woman and the 7 Deadly Sins” I figured I should do a quick recap of the 7 deadlies before I went.

It turns out there’s more than one traditional list of seven things you should not do. There’s also a number of websites and quizzes which can tell you which sin will send you to hell…interesting but completely useless for this exercise. Quite remarkable really. I thought there would be a nice short list that I could have a quick look at. Hopefully I’ll be able to tell what the sins this team have used during the show.

I like circus and acrobatics and physical theatre. The things that some people can do with their bodies just amazes me. I’d love to be able to do the same but alas, I am hopelessly unskilled in that area. I read somewhere that part of what they do is technique rather than strength. Check out that photo where they are horizontal on the poles though – you don’t get to look like that from ‘technique’ only!

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4 thoughts on “Circus, Theatre and Dance combined – Deadly

  1. John says:

    My feed reader picked this up — hello. Had no idea that Deadly was still being performed; think its earliest incarnation was about a decade ago, when it won some awards and caused a stir & it’s always been very frustrating how under-documented it is. I’ve never found a review of it, or an in-depth account, so if you wanted to blog about it again & share your thoughts…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Unfortunately I didn’t get to see it. Two showings were cancelled because one of the performers was sick. I already had something else planned so couldn’t go to the remaining performance. Quite disappointed as I wanted to see it. It was part of the Circus Festival so maybe they’ll put it on for the next one.

  3. John says:

    No worries — thanks for the link to the review & the Theatreview site. You have some interesting looking circus theatre in NZ. x

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