Taking a chance on music #NZfest

Sunday's festivalling was a bit of a mixed bag.?? I thought I'd take a punt on some of the musical things.?? (It's not that I don't like music but a couple of years pushing buttons in a radio station means that I blank a lot of it out.)?? After buying my $20 ticket to Peaks of Cloud at the festival caravan I called into the gallery to have a look at the abstract art of Milan Mrkusich.?? I especially like the large blue one (which might be called 'darkness' or it might be called 'blue.).?? It reminded me of a galaxy far, far away.?? Very contemplative.?? #win

The first of my three muscial things was a short talk by David Downes on two of his short films.?? Since he was billed in the Music sesion of the Festival he concentrated on describing the sound/music side of the films.?? One of them was made up of everyday noises set to images.?? This influenced his second film 'Generation' which had a piano track at its core.?? I found it interesting to hear that he applied for the Creative NZ grant (who he thanked several times) because he'd been writing a lot of music for dance and was tired of not being able to control the dancers.?? He ended up playing the piano himself instead of hiring someone to do it for him.?? I'd like to hear him talk about the animation in the film too and whether the images came first or the music.?? He said that it was based on a poem he wrote a long time ago (the words are included in the film.) #win

A quick coffee stop then back to the Town Hall to watch "Breath of wind."?? After the very interesting Karlheinz Stockhausen's Helicopter String Quartet I was expecting interesting things from the 'sound and video work featuring 17 hot air balloons and the Levin Brass Band'.?? Shouldn't have got my hopes up.?? I think I stayed there as long as I did mostly from disbelief that it was anything other than filming a bunch of band members warming up while being drowned out by the roar of the balloon gas. Transfixed by the audacity.?? #wtfArt

My final show was a recital by Keith Lewis (tenor) and pianist Michael Houstoun (pianist).?? They covered 300 years of music.?? I have to be honest and say that it wasn't my bag.?? They were very talented and I did like some of the individual pieces.?? Favourites – the measured timing of the first piece "So when the glittering Queen of night" (Henry Purcell – realization by Benjamin Britten (don't know what that means);?? As it is plenty W.H. Auden (part of On this Island by Benjamin Britten (don't know what that means either.)?? They also performed the world premiere of 'Peaks of Cloud: a song cycle for tenor and piano; with poems by Janet Frame; composer Jenny McLeod.?? The women behind me loved it.?? The man sitting next to her didn't. (Hilariously he said that he guessed he had to move with the times and that he was from Timaru (a town with special significance for NZ Twitter users.))?? I didn't really like the dissonance but it might improve on a second listen (I very rarely like something on the first go. Usually it takes 3 or 4 .)?? My favourite from that set was the poem called "Lament for Lakes" which is in a made up language.?? (I'd like to hear what NZ rock bands could make of some of Frame's poems.) #meh

So interesting but not entirely successful.

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