Happy as bro, it’s Monday


Today I braved the queue for the chance to get a $20 ticket from the Festival caravan. I was there from 10.55am ish (tickets om sale from 12.30pm.  If you’re planning to do the same – take your jacket. The sun is behind the buildings all morning and it’s freezing.)  I missed out on my first choice but managed to get a ticket to something that I was planning to see on Tuesday – Happy as Larry.

Apparently it’s based on the enneagram of nine personality types. They’re doing an Art Talk tomorrow so I’ll be able to find out more about that aspect of it.  The dancers were very talented and had some excellent choreography to play with.  They were crisp in their movements.  I liked the use of the moving wall to slip between scenes.  It was also used as a chalkboard (including the most ingenious direction to turn off cellphones) a climbing wall, a dance partner, a diving board and an instruction sheet.  Although there were several pieces that showed how humans like to one-up each other the overall feeling I got was one of positivity and happiness.

I think the people I know enjoyed it too – there were a few reenactments going on in the foyer afterwards.

Sniper update: Last seen on his cell phone in a store window.

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