Apollo 13 : Mission Control


This is a show where the audience are part of the cast.  It’s based on the story of the Apollo 13 Mission.  The Hackman creative team have worked hard to balance the story with interactivity. 

Here’s how it works.

There is a core cast who determine the direction of the story from the floor.  They play the lead team in Mission Control as well as two of the three astronauts.  There are two ticket options.  The slightly more expensive option is for Console seating where you get to play the part of a controller.  You could be a surgeon, communicator, Navy representative, booster controller or a number of other roles.  There are tasks to complete and notes to write.  You choose how much you want to do.  The cheaper option is to be part of the Press Gallery and just watch the action.  One lucky audience member also gets to be the guest astronaut for the night.

Go see this show.  Trust me.

Apollo 13: Mission Control at NZ International Arts Festival
On until 9 March 2010, tickets $43 (Console seating sold out.)

Apollo 13: Mission Control at Sydney Opera House, The Studio
20-28 March 2010

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