Auckland Choral – Song Number One

First up in the Auckland Choral 2010 season is their free concert “01 PESE MUAMUA” on this Sunday 7 March at 5pm at the Auckland Town Hall.  Pese Muamua means ‘song number one’. The choir will call ‘mua mua mua’— “let’s begin, let’s begin, let’s begin” — the words which are used in traditional Samoan singing to introduce a set of songs. This symbolises the beginning of all the ‘songs’ Auckland Choral will sing in 2010. 

I enjoyed my introduction to choral siging last year.  Why not get along and see if you’ll enjoy it too?  The Town Hall is definitely a great space to listen to the harmonies and melodies of all the voices.

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2 thoughts on “Auckland Choral – Song Number One

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sounds cool, thanks Kris!

  2. adeej says:

    I am quite annoyed that I can’t go to this concert. I would so have loved the sing-along Hallelujah Chorus. But it’s my sister’s birthday on Saturday night and I have to go to that.

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