The Lover by Harold Pinter @basementspace

Sexy, funny and a little bit creepy.

The set is hotel-chic, peachy-beige (apologies, I’m not an interior designer), sharp lines, gorgeous cut-glass decanters and glasses. Crisp, sophisticated, “a perfectly manicured world” as described by the director and realised by the designer.
The two main actors – Michelle Langstone (with the sexiest ever short hair) and Craig Hall (just gorgeous) – navigate through and around the furniture. It stands in for the barrier between them which may not be a barrier at all…

I can’t really tell you about the story because then it wouldn’t have the same impact. However, the script is like sparkling mineral water. Fizzy and soothing with a bit of bite. I love the contrast between the controlled and hidden dialogue and the slightly cheesy and out of control monologue-y bit.  The costumes. The costumes! The Crane Brothers do Mr Hall’s costume. He looks lovely but a suit is just a suit right? Ms Langstone’s wardrobe – I covet it. Not so much the orange lacy number but definitely the blue dress in the beginning.  (I haven’t seen Mad Men but I think that this show is styled along the same lines.)

Lest you think I have been overwhelmed by the smoky hotness, it’s not all good. There’s a bit of work to do on the pacing. Some of the dialogue was slightly off in the timing. That should come right in a couple of shows (I think the audience reaction was a surprise at times.) And, although I adore those costumes they do take a lot of time to get on and off which can be a bit disconcerting for the audience. (You’re not quite sure if they’re coming back although the house lights aren’t on so…)

I reckon it’d be the perfect date show. Dinner first then 70mins of crackling dialogue and sexy performances.

Don’t take my word for it – go see it and report back.

The Lover by Harold Pinter, on at The Basement.
Wednesday, 3 February 2010 – Saturday, 13 February 2010
Directed by Caroline Bell-Booth. Starring Craig Hall, Michelle Langstone & Matt MacDougall.
Tickets: $20. Bookings through iTICKET 09 361 1000 or

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2 thoughts on “The Lover by Harold Pinter @basementspace

  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh, I have a real thing for a man in a nice suit. Just as well I have my ticket! 🙂

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