It’s choice, ay?

First off – I used to really like that saying "When the student is ready the teacher appears" but now I think it's a load of bollocks.??

Let me explain.

(Now) I think that teachers are always there but as a student you don't notice until you're ready to learn a lesson or two.?? This has happened to me (conveniently at the beginning of the year) so obviously I'm ready to learn some lessons.

Lets see.?? From teacher number one "It's a discipline." In other words you have to keep practising it.?? Fail once, you fail once.?? Not the end of the world.?? Reset and start again.?? Keep at it – what ever it is.

From teacher number two * "It's not what happens to you; it's what you do with the happening".?? In other words – you can chose your destiny. You frame the experiences you have. (I used to think this was a bit of a cheat.?? Something happened and I reframed it to have a postive spin (listen, if you need someone to do that for you I'm your girl.)?? I didn't seem to be affected by the swings and roundabouts of life.?? Sure I freaked out occasionally but in general I was okay. Now I think it's a fabulous way to live.)??

Then the Terrible Year And A Bit happened and everything I learnt disappeared…only I didn't know it.?? I knew something was wrong but just how wrong??? I didn't learn that until I just recently which is 6 months after the journey out of the hole started.

This year is the Year Of The Best Friend.?? (That's me.)?? I'm going to be working on those two things – practice and attitude.?? It's a good year for it given what's happening in my job. (That's important because I spend more thinking time at the job than I do not at the job (the rest of the time I'm sleeping.) )?? I'm going to make this year about choosing what I want to do.?? That walk??? A choice.?? That icecream? A choice.?? I'm not going to say "I don't have enough of/I have too much".?? It's my choice to not/have those things.

I fully expect this culture thing to be part of it.?? I *choose* to spend my money on plays and exhibitions and music and movies and interesting things and people.??

It's MY choice.

* Sally Anderson?? someone I suspect would be really good as a mentor/coach.


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