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10 Lords a-Leaping


Sadly, Bob and Jonathan’s defiance of the Law of Gravity lasted only until Constable Matawhero noticed them outside the seven story ANTM house.*…

*Hey, everyone ELSE is talking about Tyra too…

11 Pipers Piping


“Oh god. I’m so embarassed about last night. I can’t even look her in the face. I hope she doesn’t think any less of me. We have to work together! Please don’t let her tell anyone, I’ll die of shame.”

“Hmm, this little red cap is a bit loose.”

Messiah by Handel performed by Auckland Choral


Apparently "Christmas isn???t Christmas without Auckland Choral's Messiah" which is why a group of us are off to see it tonight.?? One of my friends is in the choir.?? She's excited about the performance for a couple of reasons – 1. they've sung new music throughout the rest of the year; this is familiar so they'll be able to concentrate on performance not just getting the notes right 2. the music itself is dramatic and uplifting.??
A little bit of investigation (okay, Wikipedia) tells me that Handel was an intensely private person who was born in Germany.?? He trained in Italy and then moved to England.?? He was a renter and despite losing money in the operatic game he had enough left to leave some to his niece when he died.?? His Messiah??was banged out in just 24 days. It may have lasted this long due to the??fact that it can be adapted for different voices and instruments depending on what's available.?? Even Handel did this! (Just as well otherwise the original performance score for 26 boys and 5 men would leave my friend out in the cold.)
There's also a helpful link to??the score at the Petrucci Music Library.??
I studied the Messiah at school but the only bit I really remember is the Hallelujah chorus.?? Wikipedia tells me that it's tradition in many parts of the world to stand for this section.?? Good to know!

12 Drummers Drumming


They laid their weapons gently on the drum. The rhythm had been good today.

Twelve days of Christmas 2009 – a gallery on Flickr

Gingerbread masterpiece given as thank you |


What a great way to say thank you to people who you stayed with!

I reckon food (and home-made food) is a great gift for Christmas. As long as you stay away from potential killers (e.g. nuts, chilli, mushrooms, fish) or debilitators (e.g. chocolate, orange) you’re sweet.

(And that picture is very sweet indeed.)

Cameron Rhodes & Petit Cheval Burlesque

“LATE at the Auckland Museum #04 : Isolation” with a special Christmas Cabaret featuring Helen Medlyn, Mika, Cameron Rhodes, Petit Cheval Burlesque and The Hot Grits. What a way to spend an evening in the Museum.

There is a bit of controversy re the latest with Director Vanda Vitali. There seems to have been a lot of controversy while she’s been around as stated in the NZ Herald article “Showdown at city’s Museum” (makes it sound as if they’re going to go out the front at noon with pistols drawn…) I know that the restructure was hard on people who’d been working at the Museum for a long time…but I’ve heard that it wasn’t exactly a bed of roses before that either. (Unless you mean a bed with thorns etc in which case maybe it was a bed of roses.) Of course, I’ve only heard that from one person so who knows how universal that experience was.
Speaking as a punter – I most definitely feel more connected to the Museum through initiatives like the LATE programme. It’s a trend that’s been happening all over the world so maybe it would have happened anyway without Vitali at the helm. Whatever, I hope the situation resolves itself.

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Auckland Art Gallery’s Christmas Art Challenge

Auckland Art Gallery has set a Christmas Art Challenge (as below.)  I’m going to take it up (but not just from their collection.)

This morning it occurred to me that it’s nearly 12 days before Christmas (it will be on the 14th).

So this year, to get in the Christmas mood I have set myself (and all of you) the challenge of finding an artwork in our collection that relates to each of the twelve days, as taken from the popular Christmas song, and popping them on the blog. (Even though according to wikipaedia, the song is actually about 12 days after Christmas)

So, in my variation which starts 12 days before Christmas, These are the objects/animals for each day:

12 Drummers Drumming (14 December)
11 Pipers Piping (15 December)
10 Lords a-Leaping (16 December)
9 Ladies Dancing (17 December)
8 Maids a-Milking (18 December)
7 Swans a-Swimming (19 December)
6 Geese a-Laying (20 December)
5 Gold Rings (21 December)
4 Colly Birds (often given as “Calling Birds”) (22 December)

3 French Hens (23 December)
2 Turtle Doves (24 December)
A Partridge in a Pear Tree (25 December)

This is also my challenge to you! If any of you have any suggestion for artwork for any, or indeed all of the days, from our collection preferably to avoid copyright issues, I’d be glad to profile your answers on the blog. Otherwise I will promise to deliver some kind of relevant artwork each of the twelve days before Christmas, however tenuous the link.

So it’s a challenge to you out there, and to me!!”

The concept for #smackmyarts… (giving it a bit more context)

I want everyone to come to the first one so we can meet and have a picnic at Albert Park.?? Plus I thought then we could work out what everyone wants to do.?? (It's all very well signing up for something like this but it will cost us some money.)?? I think that one art-y thing a month would work but that we should be free to choose what we want to go to.?? I think I'd like a bunch of people to go to everything but not necessarily all at the same time and not necessarily the same people.?? I think it would be interesting to get comparisons.?? I'd like people to go to something they haven't before – which for me will mean the Comedy Fest and for someone else might mean the opera. It would be fun to meet up at the end (maybe the December event?) to see how we've all found it.??
Can you create a culture vulture or is it something we're born with?

Sexy Recession Cabaret


Hoping to get to this (will have between 1 and 2 tables of people if I can coordinate it properly.)?? Intrigued that something that is essentially drinking and watching women wander round in not a lot of clothing has such an air of sophistication around it.?? I think (unravelling tangled thoughts) it's because they're dancing for fun and becuase they seem to enjoy it.?? (Am I deluded?)?? Oh well.?? Some sexy blokes in the line up too so it's not all girly action.??

Smack My Arts

First draft of the #smackmyarts programme (becuase I'm assuming I'm organising it.)?? I've tried to cover Art, Music, Theatre, Comedy, Musical and a variety of stuff in between.?? I thought we could pose some questions and then answer them in blog posts.?? Most things are available for more than one night.?? Exceptions – February and August.?? Cost – unclear at this stage but I reckon we're looking at approx $300-$400 for the whole thing.

I'd like to stuff in a lecture and a cabaret or circus show (because that seems to be the latest cool thing.)?? Plus I think a local show of some sort would be a good addition.

Let me know what you think.

January: Taste: Food and Feasting in Art?? Auckland Art Gallery. Food in Art. (I think it would be nice if we could meet up for lunch before/after going to see this.)

February: Rufus Wainwright at The Civic. (February 23)
March: I Heart Camping?? STAMP

April: Comedy Festival!???? (No actual details yet…)

May: TBC

June:?? SWEENEY TODD by Stephen Sondheim?? Peach Theatre Company

Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare?? ATC

August:?? Unwrap the Music. Two.?? Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra. (August 12.)

September:?? Thom Pain [based on nothing] by Will Eno. Silo Theatre

October: TBC

Auckland Domain Sculpture Walk