Cameron Rhodes & Petit Cheval Burlesque

“LATE at the Auckland Museum #04 : Isolation” with a special Christmas Cabaret featuring Helen Medlyn, Mika, Cameron Rhodes, Petit Cheval Burlesque and The Hot Grits. What a way to spend an evening in the Museum.

There is a bit of controversy re the latest with Director Vanda Vitali. There seems to have been a lot of controversy while she’s been around as stated in the NZ Herald article “Showdown at city’s Museum” (makes it sound as if they’re going to go out the front at noon with pistols drawn…) I know that the restructure was hard on people who’d been working at the Museum for a long time…but I’ve heard that it wasn’t exactly a bed of roses before that either. (Unless you mean a bed with thorns etc in which case maybe it was a bed of roses.) Of course, I’ve only heard that from one person so who knows how universal that experience was.
Speaking as a punter – I most definitely feel more connected to the Museum through initiatives like the LATE programme. It’s a trend that’s been happening all over the world so maybe it would have happened anyway without Vitali at the helm. Whatever, I hope the situation resolves itself.

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