The concept for #smackmyarts… (giving it a bit more context)

I want everyone to come to the first one so we can meet and have a picnic at Albert Park.?? Plus I thought then we could work out what everyone wants to do.?? (It's all very well signing up for something like this but it will cost us some money.)?? I think that one art-y thing a month would work but that we should be free to choose what we want to go to.?? I think I'd like a bunch of people to go to everything but not necessarily all at the same time and not necessarily the same people.?? I think it would be interesting to get comparisons.?? I'd like people to go to something they haven't before – which for me will mean the Comedy Fest and for someone else might mean the opera. It would be fun to meet up at the end (maybe the December event?) to see how we've all found it.??
Can you create a culture vulture or is it something we're born with?

One thought on “The concept for #smackmyarts… (giving it a bit more context)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Works for me!

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