Santa is in town – a good lesson in the best #xmastradition


I like to keep my weekends free. I'm not one for crowds.?? So why was I in the Helensville Santa Parade??? Desperation mostly.?? Work had a float in both the Helensville and Warkworth parades (on the same day) plus the Helensville one was a librarythemed thing.?? They needed more people and it seemed like I should do it.?? I spent the week moaning and bitching about it – the weather was projected to be miserable; I was still recovering from a cough; I'd be out at the #NZXmasTU the night before, complain complain complain etc etc.??

On Thursday though, something happened…I started to look forward to it.?? The #xmasspirit had struck!?? It turned out to be a good prediction for the day.?? It was sunny.?? My cough was suppressed by coffee and ginger crunch (from the Ginger Crunch cafe). I managed to get in a good amount of sleep the night before. etc etc

The Helensville community were AMAZING.?? The floats were full of people and noise and colour and community spirit.?? Everyone was having a good time.

There are some more photos on the rodneylibraries Flickr page.

Thanks Helensville for giving me Xmas Joy!


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