Fly my pretties!


Twitter comes through again. I was at the #NZXmasTU when I saw that @waiwerawater was giving away tickets to Fly My Pretties. A few DMs later and I was the excited recipent of a couple of free tickets to the show. I’d missed the projected start time but due to a technical hitch the show started later than anticipated. I got to see more of the show than I thought I would – yay!

I love the Civic. It’s old and fanciful. The performers were dressed 1930s style which fitted right in with the atmosphere of the theatre. I think I’ve heard the CD once before but there’s nothing like seeing it on stage. The context of the storyteller, the musicians, the video, the lights all combine for an interesting multi-media experience. My favourite song was one that I think was called “Angels” – unaccompanied, full cast involved song. Goosebumps. The second half was made up of different solo songs by various performers. All very cool. (There was a bit of stand-and-wiggle but I was too cold and wet to uncross my arms.)

Couple of things I didn’t really get though…

1. People constantly on the move in and out of the theatre. What was up with that?
2. Naked guy on the balcony at the end. No spotlight?

A BIG thank you to @waiwerawater, Rire from Loop and the usher who hung up my wet coat to dry. *kisses*


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