LATE at the Museum – December is sold out


Word is that LATE at the Museum on Thursday night is sold out with no door sales.?? This has been an excellent implementation of an overseas idea by the Auckland Museum.?? (They're 80 btw, Happy birthday!)
In order to 'appeal to a different demographic' the Museum has run regular events on the first Thursday of the month.?? There's a bit of a discussion (facilitated by Finlay Macdonald) then some music featuring some of NZ's most interesting performers.?? (Ranging from Sam Hunt to the Finns to SJD to King Kapisi etc etc.)??
Season One??explored the notion of identity.?? Season Two has been all "No hea koe?" or where are you from – (second question we're most likely to ask. (Third being "Oh, do you know [INSERT NAME]?")?? (yeah, big generalisation … there's a reason for it!)
They've been excellent.?? Not least because I love wandering around the museum at night.?? Every time I find something new.??

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