Caught in a net


As part of the Kiss My Arts thing I have to visit somewhere (anywhere) and then write a post about it. I've been down in Wellington so the generous week allowed kinda turned into a bit of a nightmare.?? The work thing that I was at was held at Te Papa and everyday I had to walk past the City Gallery.?? It's hard to miss at the moment what with the measles and all.?? It took me far too long to think that could be the solution.

The City Gallery is hosting an exhibition – Yayoi Kusama: Mirrored Years.?? She's a Japanese artist who was first big in the 1960s and has steadily produced work ever since.??

She's focused on perception, the concept of infinity and polkadots.?? I found it all quite surreal and awe inspiring.

Highlights of the exhibition for me:

: the room with the large clouds.?? Nice juxtaposition of very detailed screenprints on the walls with large fuzzy puffy balloons on the floor.

: the infinity room on the ground floor.?? It was like being suspended in space only all the stars are colured and twinkly.

: being able to get into the art and walk around it.


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