I love me some theatre

I’m super excited to be on the longlist for the Kiss My Arts social media experiment in Auckland facilitated by THE EDGE.  In 2009 I made a real effort to get to plays and theatre around Auckland.  I subscribed to the Silo Theatre season, went to a couple of Auckland Theatre Company things, bought tickets for some of the STAMP shows, even got to the Unitec grad show.  I regularly go to LATE at Auckland Museum and since I have a friend in Auckland Choral and a sister in the Atamira Dance Collective I go to see them too. 

In my application I wrote something like “I understand the transformative power of theatre.  I like to connect people with culture and to watch the effect it has on them.”  That comes across as a bit wanky and it could be…except that I DID experience a revelation as the result of going to a show.  I couldn’t talk about it to anyone else because the experience was so intensely personal. So I wrote a note and stuck it on Facebook.  It got a positive response (including convincing several people to come with me to the show when it plays in the NZ International Arts Festival.) 

The thing is though…all the other things are a confusing mish-mash of traditions and behaviour that I just can’t get through.  Comedy? Art? Music? Ballet?  Anything that isn’t people-I-know-in-stuff?  *shrug* I don’t understand it and I’m too lazy to get out of my comfort zone which is why I’m stoked that I’m being considered to transition from ‘arts novice to cultural aficionado’.

As part of Kiss My Arts I have to blog about the stuff I do.  I’ve been tweeting reviews, so expanding beyond the 140 might be a bit of a challenge.  However, I’m up for it.  AND, regardless of whether I’m in or I’m out I’ve decided that I should do it anyway and I want you to join me.

Kiss My Arts peeps *mwah*


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